Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Bedroom Generation

I love this meme! It is so on! Do kids really worship laziness? I mean, that is all they do nowadays. They just come home and stay in their rooms. Cellphones, Netflix, and video game consoles have ruined an entire generation. Seriously!

A lot of kids think that being book smart is enough to get by in life. This new generation is not building up intuition. Most kids nowadays want to be rich and they think the only solution is to go to an expensive college and get a degree. NO!!!!

That is not the only way. Yes, it is huge to be book smart, if you have the gift, and get a degree from a nice college. In fact, any college. Still, intuition or life experience is very vital to the soul and survival of any person. Like getting a job at a young age is totally helpful later in life. It builds character and experience with working with people. It helps dealing with different personalities. Also, it provides development of skills.

Kids nowadays don't want to deal with drama, as they say. However, dealing with drama is what makes a person stronger in the working force. This new generation of kids are gonna be a bunch of emotional time bombs when they grow up!! It's crazy!!

So, like Will Ferrell says: Go OUTSIDE!!!!!!! That way, experience will be developed. The world is full of info that can be sucked in with the soul. Instead, these bedroom dwellers rather stare at screens and entertain their minds while their bodies wither away.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Liberty Mutual Commercial Makes New Generation of Boys Look Like Morons

When watching this commercial in which a mother talks about having insurance with roadside assistance and using it to help out her teenage son, I realized that this commercial is adapting to the new generation of men. Pretty much a bunch of morons. Really! If a teen is going to drive, he or she better know how to change a spare tire. Even if it was not taught to them, they should be smart enough to figure it out. I say this because modern kids have smart phones, and YouTube and Google will have enough info and videos to teach a person on changing a spare tire instantaneously!

When I was a teen, late 1980s, kids that drove knew how to change tires. There were some exceptions in which the kid had a disability or what not. Anyway, we handled business right off the bat. If all else failed, we walked home to get reprimanded by our parents on not being able to handle a situation.

See, this Liberty Mutual Insurance commercial has a mother talking about how glad she is to have the service because it helped her son get out of a simple situation. See, the son got a flat tire and roadside assistance came to the rescue. All for a flat tire! Wow!

Sorry, but this commercial is pretty much showing how teens nowadays are pretty much useless. If that kid is driving and doesn't know how to change a flat, he's a fool! I know this is pretty accurate because I taught high school for over a decade and coached youth soccer. Kids, to me, seem to be losing their abilities to survive more and more.

I blame this on parents who give their kids everything and do not teach them how to handle situations. Stop bailing your children out of every situation, especially simple ones like changing a spare tire. See, spare tires are simple, they are just a bit harsh on the physical side. If they can't handle that, then they are, again, morons!!

So kids, please, stop depriving yourselves from developing survival skills! Get off your damn phones and go do something. Also, make a little effort into solving situations, instead of depending on your parents all the time. Trust! It will make you stronger mentally and physically!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Spotting a Fraud

Photo by Max Pixel
In a room full of people,
faces gleam the ideal calamity;
And across the way,
an appealing woman nods at
the alcohol that makes me a sleaze.

In a view full of money,
hands urge on the gaudy unity;
And behind my back,
stands the artisan that deceives
and likes to lie in infinity.

In a concept of my mind,
a boggling thought of a marriage between Heaven and Hell;
And under the bar,
the worm smells the witch's crimson spells.

In a room full of people,
faces are dim but hers makes the crude mind dwell;
And across the way,
she nods while I am a fabled victim.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Phonetic Rage

Photo by BreakingTheWalls from Pixabay

A silent desperation
in an endless flight
and all the fumes blaze
in my head
upon infinite melancholy
intertwined with bliss.
Political intervention
upon my home land
and all the roots engraved
in my head
with forlorn-enveloped thoughts
with no flux.
A wilted skin on this rock I’ll be
defying the vigorous prophecy
that our pugnacious predecessors
It’s a dope-death-defying-rattle-your-ass show
and all our leaders will mummify
those dirty philanderers-rippers
with fake morals.
Like Lucifer and Gabriel
I will serve my role
even if there is no murder or love
or no ken.
Kinetic energy I’ll be
and loving rage phonetics I’ll sing
upon the delusions of grandeur
until my breathless unknown days.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ed Has a Polaroid of a Photograph

Photo by Nina Mattews from Wikimedia Commons
Ed has a picture of a photograph
He’s got a nipple and a butt in it
and do you really want to know
that she’s kind of ugly wrong
and she really, really turns him on.

I guess it’s time to leave because
he wants to be alone.

She spins me around
and round about
The burning crazy mind picture fix
and does it really need to show
her butt, that rump, her cushioned
throng and our slob really
weights a ton.

I guess it’s time to leave our minds
in a porno tone.

Ed has a picture of a photograph
He got it from a calendar
bought at $25.00
and do you really want to see
that nothing here is for free
and its Scott’s fridge were she sits.

I guess Ed’s gifts are always crude
but still the best.

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Gap

Photo by George Hodan from PublicDomainpPictures

He stands outside and
the windows hide all the lies
He starts the car and
the dark clouds start to cry
I think that’s real love
He's gotten really far

Goes to the liquor store
where bottles conceal the truth
The calendar is what
he usually likes to buy,
and he takes a chug
That's why he's in a fog

The man in black
tells him that he's fighting
The flowers of
the garden are all dying
I think that's real love,
but he's kind of gone

She's a teen and I know why he's lying
She's like a queen and I know why he's crawling
It's never too far,
and I think that's real love

He drove his car
over to her apartment
He reaped his shame
and she let him wear the crown

I think it's near dawn,
and she licked on his frown
He went outside
when the clouds where all cluttered

A window now between the two
He laughed and then he left her
I think that's real love
He's gotten too far

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Her Smile a Blunder

Photo by rana osama from Flickr

She can't feel any concentration
or find that missing link.
Her mind is all washed up.
“Please!” she yells, “shut up!”
She swerves, falls, and breaks,
but she still smiles when she thinks.

A nymph?
No, but a wink of misery.
A harlot?
No, but a loutish sweet.
A numb heartless angst in redemption?
Or a maladjusted benevolent warmth that burns?

She can't feel any concentration
or find that streaking tear.
Her mind is all shook up.
“Please!” she yells, “show up!”
She stabs, laughs, and screams,
but she still smiles when jeer is all she feels.

A nymph?
No, but a blunder when she smiles.