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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Promise My Cat Made

Photo by Bazooka Teaches: Actual photo of cat that made this promise to me
     I found this black cat, one day, inside a beer box in front of a dirty house. He was a kitten meowing at me as I was passing by. It was very hot that day, and he looked like he was near death—dirty, damped, thirsty, hungry, skinny. 
     When I looked down at this guy, he said to me, “If you take me, I promise I will make you the leader of the humans once I take over the World.” 
     I thought about it. 
     I looked at his condition and decided that if he managed to make it inside that box for as long as he has been in there, maybe... 
     So, I took him to live with me. Never had a pet until this guy came around. I decided to call him Chepe. 
     However, I’m starting to think, 15 years later, that all he likes to do is eat and sleep all day! 
     So much for the promise, huh!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Los Angeles Football Fans Should Picket to Keep the San Diego Chargers Out

Photo from Wikimedia

The San Diego Chargers have recently announced that the team plans to move to Los Angeles since San Diego failed to do its job and keep the team. The other big and horrible news for Angelenos is that the Chargers are going to use the StubHub Center, home of the Los Angeles Galaxy, for their home field while the new stadium in Inglewood is built.

As far as I know, many of my friends do not want the Chargers in Los Angeles. For the most part, all these people that do not want the Chargers in LA is because San Diego deserves a professional NFL team. Plus, the idea of calling the Chargers an LA team does not sound right! Again, the Chargers need to stay in San Diego.

See, LA Galaxy fans are not excited about having to share a field with a professional NFL team. Years ago, soccer teams had to borrow football stadiums to play, and play over football field markings. Now, the Chargers are going to borrow a soccer stadium and pollute the field with football markings again. C'mon! This aspect is very upsetting as a soccer and LA Galaxy fan.

Don't get me wrong! I love football, but football teams need their own fields. I get it, the Chargers will only be there a few years, but this is still bad. Also, the city of Los Angeles should have a say on this as well. Guess what? LA does not want the Chargers! So Angelenos should go and picket in front of the StubHub Center and try to keep the Chargers out.

Chargers stay home! Stay in San Diego! Please!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Controlling Cyborgs With an Evil Mind

Photo by Pixabay
Machines in the future will be available in all types including evil. Yes, and these machines will include the super advanced cyborg. Not that we don’t have any evil machines or cyborgs nowadays, but these machines will be controlled by the mind. How horrible is that! 

I heard on the radio the other morning in which machines can be controlled with the mind. I heard this from Joe Rogan on KROQ here in Los Angeles, CA. 

Anyway, Rogan mentioned that on this TV show, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, he was able to fly a remote control helicopter with his mind. I actually saw that episode. It was pretty fascinating! 

I had also heard or read somewhere, a while back, that jet fighters were going to be controlled by the mind in the future. The technology is already here in the present, but the actual use of fighters in that fashion has not been used just yet, although we do have drones! 

Anyway, my point is that certain machines will be used for evil things not good things. Machines already are being used as such. However, can you imagine a criminal getting a hold of this technology! 

Evil machines will be used to rob banks or commit murder. One could just easily control an evil cyborg with the mind to go do evil deeds. It would be perfect! No witness! No evidence, ‘cause the cyborg or robot would be programmed to self destruct. 

Now, imagine what our wonderful government will do with this technology!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Witness the End of the World

To witness the end of the world would be an amazing thing! I know it sounds horrible to actually witness mass destruction and seeing the demise of mankind, but to witness such an event would be the most astonishing thing to see! 
Photo by XX-34 Badgerption from Flickr
Yes, if such an event were to take place, I would be extremely sad. My soul would be instantaneously wounded if I were to see the end of the world before my eyes.
Of course, I would start praying, in hopes to see my loved ones once the destructive event was all over. On the other hand, when the shit hits the fan, I’ll want to look at it! In other words, if the end were to come in my lifetime, I would want to witness it, front row seat.
Whether it’s a giant earthquake, a meteor, an epic climate attack, or war, I’m going to want to look at it. It will be the last thing to look at, so might as well enjoy it while it takes your life and everything you knew away. 

Also, I hope I don’t exist if the end ever comes, but, if it does, might as well take the front seat and hold your loved one’s hand with a nice buttery bucket of popcorn!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Would Tell Aliens that I'm the World Leader

by Photovision62 at Pixabay
If I was approached by aliens in the middle of nowhere and asked me who the leader of the world is, I would say it’s me. 

Yes, I would tell aliens that I was the leader of the world and that I was overthrown by our current government, along with all the other governments in the world. 

Then, I would get the aliens to lend me their forces, by telling them that the current leaders of the world are a bunch of oppressor, which would not be very hard to prove. With the forces lent from the aliens, I would take over the world.
Of course, once the chaos was over, I would bring peace and restore order throughout the world with my new friends. Everyone would have a free health plan, equal rights, food, a nice car, a home, etc. I know this sounds a little like a kids' tale, but you know what I mean. 

This seems to be the only way to have a new world order, because here, in this planet, we have a bunch of old fools who are corrupted by greed and power! The other is a revolution, but that is out of the question, or is it?

Monday, November 21, 2016

We could be the first in the Universe

The universe is so immense that there could be life out there. Sure, why not. However, the idea is that life out in the universe is always more intelligent than us, right? You know, UFOs and little green aliens coming to invade Earth, or constantly abducting people to study.
Wikimedia Commons
Many say that aliens are a lie. Who knows? Still, there is no evident evidence that aliens from outer space exist.
Well, think about this. What if we were the first living things that sprouted in this immense dimension we call the universe and, in a gazillion years from now, we are going to be the intelligent beings that will invade other planets. Did you ever think about that? 

Maybe that’s why we haven’t had any real contact with other planets yet! Because, those planets have not evolved yet! 

I want to hear what you think!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thank Goodness for that Time Traveler!

Photo credit by Carlos Vega from Flickr
What if the end of world that was suppose to come on December of 2012 just like the Mayan calendar predicted was altered? What if that scheduled apocalypse never happened because some time traveler, from the future obviously, came back to, lets say, 2010 and changed the course of what should have been in 2012?

What if we are all living, now, in a parallel universe created by this time traveler who came back to change things in order to avoid the apocalypse that was suppose to happen at the end of 2012?

Think about it! This universe is the lucky one that survived the apocalypse that was predicted by the Mayan calendar. In this universe, that whole prediction was a joke.

However, in the universe where the time traveler never came, we all die a gruesome death. Wow! Thank goodness that time traveler came around! At least, for us who exist in this parallel universe!

Anyway, I’m just thinking crazy man!