Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mr. Black Suit Clown

Photo by Daw8ID from Pixabay
He wears a dark black suit
White pale face
Crazy funny make up
Eye liner
Distorted face expressions
Making fun of me
Looking at me, through me
Making see me see everything
Ticking time bomb
Ticking in my head
Ticking in everything that I see
He comes and goes
He wears a classy black suit
Paleface, balding
Scary wide eyes
Staring at me
Scary wide dying eyes
Not blinking
Laughing and mocking me
What’s coming for me?
Classy black suit
Tie and everything
White shirt and dark gestures
Grinning malice, clinging to me
How did he follow me?
A clown in a black suit sitting on my couch
Looking at me, through me
Laser eyes piercing my soul
Crazy man in my head, in my space
He comes at night
He makes noises and shadows dance around him
Measuring me
My mind is a bomb
Fuck you clown in black
I have a nice suit too

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Photo by TheoJunior on Flickr
I'm living in a whirlpool of fools
and tricky

I heard overheard conversations
and daring

I fell inside a black hole
and addictive

Why do I feel sleepy?
Why do I sleep?

Conversations do kill like a torpedo
low blows
I'm on a boat
can't get to the coast
I am no longer afloat

Why do I feel sleepy?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sweet and Low

Photo by you me from Flickr

One day I remember you were
standing on your feet and that you
took a dive

On your way down you did not
know it was so deep so you
started to shine

Your skin glowing
your aura in my mind
and that was all you did since

I let you go from my side
‘cause you went down
deeper than I

Now, I think about you
and that dive you took
your spiral delight

Sometimes sweet and low is
enough for you
to get by

Because anything you do
would always make you slip
in a grand sweet way

Monday, April 3, 2017

Horndog Inc.

Photo by Barbara 871013/6 from Pixabay

Bleached blond mop like a cast, stiffly walking with a set of cans;
Twirl, flowered, patterned threads that make her dress sublime;
Blue hazel eyes that glance over to my overblown fly,
and ambiguous vibes that fuels my ride like a funky jive.

Note: This poem is from my book called Hello Mr. Satan, You're an Idiot! Check it out!

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Photo by Dar'ya Sip from Flickr
Smoking in a room full of faces
My train derails and now
I’m in a melted picture
Screaming voices, natural poses,
intoxicated roses
My soul stinging
and I sit shooting glassy gazes
My aura doesn’t shine
I need a new fixture
Dropping names,
taking all the blame,
never sought fame

Smoking my soul with a bunch
of whispering howls
My train with no brakes
and now I’m just made of crystal
Ready to shatter, no one is flattered,
taking no matter
Shaking my head I sit taking gazes
This mutual relation needs
a new medium
Dropping my vices to help out
my friend gazing in the mirror

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Photo wemer22brigette from Pixabay

Look at that Pinto
Old paint, new wheels, stopping
and going
Going where?
Look at that Mercedes bitch
What a snob that lady
She likes that
She digs the attention in a place
where there's absence
Your mind, right?
It's absent
In the rearview mirror
way back
A girl is looking
Looking good and naked
Wow, what a slutty make up job!
What a sleaze!
I’ll slow down in this locomotive disaster
I want to see her sunflower rapture lush
Oh, my hot rod!
What a rush!
And damn the freeway
can't slow down
can't speed
can't dream
can't cheat
This finger flicking, smog inhalant,
lung butter hocking, screaming
mental institution
Only if Freud was here
That rat bastard killer machine
That monkey torturing loving freak
He would love the freeway
And what does he know about the psyche
We know
The freeway dwellers
Let's play God
let's battle
let's go to work
So we can make money to burn and pollute.
And shit
What a sunset!
A gold-brown synthetic sunset!
How beautiful!
How shameful!
Where are the mountains?
I can't see through the rusty sky
Where the gorillas go?
Look there hanging from the concrete jungle
Bleeding and dying those brutes
Why is that girl smiling?
Does she know about the Pinto's breath?
The poor lifeless green
What a mess
My isolation a distress
That mustang and that cougar
They're not the real offspring of nature
Just like the eclipse and the nova
Metaphor blunts
Let's shake it
rattle it
and roll it
You know God tried.
Damn the freeway!

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Friday, March 24, 2017

5 Minute Love

Photo by geralt from Pixabay

A prosaic stripper sits next to me
(Raven is her name, at least in this game)
She says, “How would you like my dance honey?”
“Lustful and dirty,” I said with no shame.

Ten dollars I gave, her loving just raged,
her body a lust, my mind to be lost.
Pretending is the truth, the world a stage;
We destined to act, the soul is the cost.

It’s all right I say; we all have a mask
—at work, home, and in public we deceive;
And plastic smiles with hollow words we cast
To conform each other with wicked glee.

And before she flees like a sincere dove,
Our plastic smiles end our 5 minute love.