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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Promise My Cat Made

Photo by Bazooka Teaches: Actual photo of cat that made this promise to me
     I found this black cat, one day, inside a beer box in front of a dirty house. He was a kitten meowing at me as I was passing by. It was very hot that day, and he looked like he was near death—dirty, damped, thirsty, hungry, skinny. 
     When I looked down at this guy, he said to me, “If you take me, I promise I will make you the leader of the humans once I take over the World.” 
     I thought about it. 
     I looked at his condition and decided that if he managed to make it inside that box for as long as he has been in there, maybe... 
     So, I took him to live with me. Never had a pet until this guy came around. I decided to call him Chepe. 
     However, I’m starting to think, 15 years later, that all he likes to do is eat and sleep all day! 
     So much for the promise, huh!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Narcissistic Junkie

Photo by Tim Sheerman-Chase from Flickr
Out to be cool 
Drinking whisky and singing like a fool 
Prowling late and sinning with haste 
Reading secular pages and emitting bigotry 
Feel the ire by berating the humble 
Light the fire and walking on a wire 
Come here with fate and sing the sin anthem 
Only love yourself and like nothing else 
Think your standards are sublime and extend hate

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Is it dunch or linner?

Photo by Tim Lucas from Wikimedia Commons
What do you think? Is it dunch or linner? You know, the meal in between lunch and dinner? I mean there is a brunch, which is the meal between breakfast and lunch. 

So, dunch or linner? Many say that it should be linner because the way brunch is structured. B and R in brunch are the B and R for breakfast, since it’s the first meal of the day, and the rest is u-n-c-h taken from the last four letters of the word lunch; thus, we get the word brunch. 

The same structure would apply to the meal between lunch and dinner. L would be taken from lunch, since it’s before dinner, and the rest is i-n-n-e-r taken from the word dinner. However, the word brunch takes the first two letters from the first meal of the day. So, would linner instead be luinner. I mean, what the heck! 

I guess it doesn't really matter, but dunch just sounds so cool and goofy! I would have to vote for dunch over linner or even luinner. It just sounds better: “I’m hungry, let’s go get some dunch!” 

What would you call it? Dunch or linner? We can agree that we are willing to throw away the idea of calling it luinner. Seriously!

Monday, January 16, 2017


Photo by Amy Mingo from Wikimedia Commons
Sweet little avenue
I don’t know where you are taking me
And I don’t know where it will end
But I have taken you this whole time
With the wind and in sin
Where are you taking me?
And they all want me to change
And they all want you to change
And the sad part
Is that I’m a fool
In this jolly, shaky town
Full of masks and convincing smiles
Where are we going?
Sweet little avenue 
Full of flickering lights
And they all want me to change

But I'm still the fool living the life
While unaware of my destination

Los Angeles Football Fans Should Picket to Keep the San Diego Chargers Out

Photo from Wikimedia

The San Diego Chargers have recently announced that the team plans to move to Los Angeles since San Diego failed to do its job and keep the team. The other big and horrible news for Angelenos is that the Chargers are going to use the StubHub Center, home of the Los Angeles Galaxy, for their home field while the new stadium in Inglewood is built.

As far as I know, many of my friends do not want the Chargers in Los Angeles. For the most part, all these people that do not want the Chargers in LA is because San Diego deserves a professional NFL team. Plus, the idea of calling the Chargers an LA team does not sound right! Again, the Chargers need to stay in San Diego.

See, LA Galaxy fans are not excited about having to share a field with a professional NFL team. Years ago, soccer teams had to borrow football stadiums to play, and play over football field markings. Now, the Chargers are going to borrow a soccer stadium and pollute the field with football markings again. C'mon! This aspect is very upsetting as a soccer and LA Galaxy fan.

Don't get me wrong! I love football, but football teams need their own fields. I get it, the Chargers will only be there a few years, but this is still bad. Also, the city of Los Angeles should have a say on this as well. Guess what? LA does not want the Chargers! So Angelenos should go and picket in front of the StubHub Center and try to keep the Chargers out.

Chargers stay home! Stay in San Diego! Please!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Photo by tookapic from Pixabay

Does this life last long or what?
Good feelings come and go though
When I go, will it be the same up there or wherever we go?
Bad feelings can be a pain
Used up lust but fun
When it’s all done, I’ll go home
On a spiritual road outside of this dome
Here I am now, dead spread ready to be taken

Could it be that I won’t get that taxi
Maybe I’ll get a slide into the fryer
That’s my luck when I trample over my bucket
At least I always manage to laugh in the rain

You look up just to do the same
My eyes always burn and tears relieve
Can I buy good feelings up there?
It seems like I have to here

Dreams burn up quick in this fair
Street lights light my way but I don’t know where to go
With my black suit ready for the morgue
I still laugh when rain ruins my suit

I say this and I hope you agree
Just get out
And enjoy the work in a place
Where we can buy good things
With smiles and laughter

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Photo by Unsplash from Pexel
The answers are getting harder.
If I come close to getting one,
it just seems to be another question
and there is no way to bargain.

Every time I think there is paradise,
behind it is only merchandise
for me to acquire and waste.

The answers are always lurking
and hiding behind glares,
but are they really the solution?
Because it feels like it’s all pollution.

Anyhow, I just make my stand
and plunge down with my answers,
which have been good enough
for now.

I least I think they are.
I’m hoping that everyone else thinks likewise.
Where do I find the answers?

Wonders that swim in mental streams