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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Rant: Uber and Lyft Riders that Expect Water

Guess what? I am an Uber and Lyft driver and it sucks when a rider gets into my car for a short ride that cost about $3 and expects water. Yeah, the other day, I had this pretty girl get into my car in Hollywood and asked for water. Her ride was like 3 minutes long, and it was also a line request. That means that her ride was less than $3 bucks. When I told her that I don't carry water in my car, she started bitching about how I was going to get a bad rating for not having water.

Guess what? Having water in my car for riders or customers cost money. Also, having water for customer is a courtesy, and it is not a mandatory thing to have. Additionally, before Uber and Lyft, did cab drivers give out water and gum as a courtesy. Fuck no! So why do these fucking cheap skates that ride Uber and Lyft expect fucking water! Yeah, I hope you fucking cheap skates read this so you stop rating Uber and Lyft drivers low because they simply don't have water for your cheap ass!

Remember, when someone orders an Uber or Lyft, it is simply a nice ride with AC that you are getting for a nice cheap price. So, why are you expecting extra perks. See, back in the days when Uber and Lyft used to pay very reasonably, drivers had some nice extra cash to have water and gum for their customers. Those days are long gone! Uber and Lyft drivers have to work their asses off to make a decent buck. So, the extra money made goes towards maintenance for the vehicle not to buy water and gum for riders.

I hope this makes sense. Chill out with the high-limo-treatment expectations in an Uber or Lyft ride! Unless, you are in UberSelect or higher, then I guess yeah. Otherwise, enjoy your ride and bring your own fucking water! Also, stop eating in Uber and Lyft driver's cars! Would you eat in your!?

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