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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Controlling Cyborgs With an Evil Mind

Photo by Pixabay
Machines in the future will be available in all types including evil. Yes, and these machines will include the super advanced cyborg. Not that we don’t have any evil machines or cyborgs nowadays, but these machines will be controlled by the mind. How horrible is that! 

I heard on the radio the other morning in which machines can be controlled with the mind. I heard this from Joe Rogan on KROQ here in Los Angeles, CA. 

Anyway, Rogan mentioned that on this TV show, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, he was able to fly a remote control helicopter with his mind. I actually saw that episode. It was pretty fascinating! 

I had also heard or read somewhere, a while back, that jet fighters were going to be controlled by the mind in the future. The technology is already here in the present, but the actual use of fighters in that fashion has not been used just yet, although we do have drones! 

Anyway, my point is that certain machines will be used for evil things not good things. Machines already are being used as such. However, can you imagine a criminal getting a hold of this technology! 

Evil machines will be used to rob banks or commit murder. One could just easily control an evil cyborg with the mind to go do evil deeds. It would be perfect! No witness! No evidence, ‘cause the cyborg or robot would be programmed to self destruct. 

Now, imagine what our wonderful government will do with this technology!

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