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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thank Goodness for that Time Traveler!

Photo credit by Carlos Vega from Flickr
What if the end of world that was suppose to come on December of 2012 just like the Mayan calendar predicted was altered? What if that scheduled apocalypse never happened because some time traveler, from the future obviously, came back to, lets say, 2010 and changed the course of what should have been in 2012?

What if we are all living, now, in a parallel universe created by this time traveler who came back to change things in order to avoid the apocalypse that was suppose to happen at the end of 2012?

Think about it! This universe is the lucky one that survived the apocalypse that was predicted by the Mayan calendar. In this universe, that whole prediction was a joke.

However, in the universe where the time traveler never came, we all die a gruesome death. Wow! Thank goodness that time traveler came around! At least, for us who exist in this parallel universe!

Anyway, I’m just thinking crazy man!

1 comment:

  1. Those who made mayan calendar they made us fools for long time really very long time
    in most of the churches people use to pray at that time its a judgement day thats very funny , even my uncle asked me to go church