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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Boba Fett The Movie

Photo by Robert Schultz from Flickr
I heard there’s going to be a movie about Boba Fett by Disney. Ever since Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, it decided to expand the universe of Star Wars. Of course, one of the projects is going to be Fett.

Well, besides making the next three episodes with JJ Abrams, Disney is also doing side projects with different characters: movies, T.V. cartoons, etc.

I really hope they don’t phuck this up! So far, it has been good with Disney for the Star Wars franchise, especially with Rogue One coming out later this month.
With Fett, I hope they don’t make it too cute or something of that sort. If it was up to me, the Fett story would be super grim and a bit disturbing.

For those that saw Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, Boba Fett witnesses the decapitation of his father, Jango Fett, via Mace Windu, played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Well, Boba is left by his lonesome with his father’s gadgets and his father’s spaceship called Slave I. The story from there has to be dark and gruesome for this kid living in a tumultuous galaxy all by his lonesome.

I would start with Boba Fett becoming a hit man at a super young age. After that, it would all be pure entertainment in a way that Lucas should have done from the beginning, grim and not cutesy.

To be continued…

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