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Friday, December 30, 2016

The Stormtrooper Package

Photo by Johnny Silvercloud from Flickr
I recently thought about how stormtroopers from the Star Wars films are not very good soldiers in the sense that they get killed easily and cannot shoot anything. Anyway, I was also wondering if their suicidal behavior has anything to do with their insurance policy—the Empire has to offer some package, right! Who would be a soldier for free? C’mon!

Maybe, if they get killed in battle, their family gets a nice package! The way I see it is that these guys have to be the bottom part of society in the Star Wars galaxy and become soldiers to get a decent living and a nice package for the family!

Who would want to fight for an Empire that is led by a satanic looking dude like Emperor Palpatine? So, I figure these guys become stormtroopers for survival and to give something to their families, right? 

Yeah, maybe they might be a little deranged themselves, but still. No one would just join an army to just kill. Like I said, stormtroopers join the Empire to make some living or to just survive. I’m sure there is a brainwashing process to be suicidal troopers, but that is another issue.  

So, I really do hope that these guys get some sort of package for themselves and their families. I mean, does the Empire pay for schooling once these guys retire? What is the deal on that? Do their kids get a to use the benefits?


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