Thursday, January 5, 2017

If Darth Vader were my father!

Photo by JD Hancock from Flickr
If I were Luke Skywalker, I would have been taken Darth Vader's hand when he found out that Vader was his father. Seriously, ruling the Galaxy! Dang! That's better than what the Devil offers!
Really, if I were Luke, I would have said yes to Darth Vader at Cloud City. I would have learned the art of the dark side and taken total control. I'd play the game for a bit and then make my move.
Yes, both the Emperor and Darth Vader would have gone down together. They would understand since it would be the evil thing to do, right? I mean, that's how they got powerful themselves, by betraying their friends, right? Darth Vader would surely understand!

I would still be mad about the hand though. You know! Also have to consider which hand too! Vader be more considerate before chopping hands off! 

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