Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Star Wars: Emperor Palpatine's Mistake in the Last Battle from Return of the Jedi

Photo by Roger Murmann from Wikimedia Commons
In the movie The Return of the Jedi, the Emperor tells Luke Skywalker that the whole Rebel attack to destroy the new Death Star was foreseen. So, the Emperor planned to make that attack into a trap. Hence, the famous line by Admiral Ackbar during the attack of the second Death Star—“It’s a trap!”

Anyway, the second Death Star, which was under construction, could not sustain its own shield; so, it had a shield being generated from the cheap little base from planet Endor, the planet that the Death Star was orbiting while under construction.

Well, if the Emperor knew the Rebels were coming, why did he not put a huge army at the base to protect the Death Star’s shields?

I know he tried to make it look easy, so the Rebels would get lured into the
trap. However, in the end, the Emperor’s little flimsy army failed to protect the base at Endor against the Ewoks for crying out loud!

He should have put his best commandos there instead of snobby officers and useless stormtroopers.

The base was the keypoint of the whole battle, and the Emperor let his guard down on that one! Once the Rebels blew up the base, the shields went down for the Death Star, and the rest is history!

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  1. It's a crappy way to wrap up the story and sell toys. The Death Star should have had "Fully armed and operational" functions like shielding. Then it should have come down to Luke to save the day. As it stands the Luke battle has literally no impact on the overall battles.