Monday, January 23, 2017

Star Wars: Technique for Lightsaber Fighting

Photo by Little Deejie from DeviantArt
If I were a Jedi or a sith, I would concentrate on turning my opponents lightsaber off right before striking.

Think about it! The Jedi and Siths have telekinesis powers, right? So, instead of picking up an object, like a chair or a dumb column full of lights and wires, which seems to be what the Jedi and Siths like to throw at each other when using their telekinesis powers, why not just hit the on and off switch button on the lightsaber with your powers.

I mean, it would work every time! Right before you strike with your own lightsaber, you set your mind to turn off your opponent’s light saber, so when he goes to block your strike, his or her lightsaber won’t be on! Your opponent would lose an arm, at the least!

I would be the best there is if I had existed in Star Wars as a Jedi or Darth! What about you? 

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