Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Star Wars Universe is Perfect for Traveling

Photo by Bagogames from Flickr
Why is it that in Star Wars all planets have the same gravitational pull and atmospheres? Throughout the trilogy, characters fly to different planets and never have to put on a helmet for breathing. Also, characters seem to have the same weight in every planet in those movies. 

I know it’s a detail that was avoided in the storyline to keep the movie interesting, but there are idiots out there that would really believe that stuff!

The galaxy in Star Wars universe is like the perfect galaxy for traveling because all the planets have the same gravitational pull and atmosphere. No one has to worry about being poisoned or having a lack of oxygen when landing in another planet. Also, you can throw a football around the same distance in every planet.

Wow! I guess that’s why the movies are called Sci-Fi Fantasy. Anyway, the movies still rock! I just had that thought when I was around twelve years old when I saw Return of Jedi back in the 80s. 

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