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Sunday, January 8, 2017


Photo by tookapic from Pixabay

Does this life last long or what?
Good feelings come and go though
When I go, will it be the same up there or wherever we go?
Bad feelings can be a pain
Used up lust but fun
When it’s all done, I’ll go home
On a spiritual road outside of this dome
Here I am now, dead spread ready to be taken

Could it be that I won’t get that taxi
Maybe I’ll get a slide into the fryer
That’s my luck when I trample over my bucket
At least I always manage to laugh in the rain

You look up just to do the same
My eyes always burn and tears relieve
Can I buy good feelings up there?
It seems like I have to here

Dreams burn up quick in this fair
Street lights light my way but I don’t know where to go
With my black suit ready for the morgue
I still laugh when rain ruins my suit

I say this and I hope you agree
Just get out
And enjoy the work in a place
Where we can buy good things
With smiles and laughter

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