Friday, February 10, 2017

Desperate Reconciliation

Photo by George Hodan from PublicDomainPictures
I really need to see your eyes 
my sweet. 
If I don't, I may die every day. 
They shine inside my heart 
and move my feet, 
and they make my soul free, 
flying sun rays. 

I really need to smell your hair today. 
If I don't, I may cry every night. 
The aroma lifts me in such a way 
that my spirit will never be with fright. 

I really need to see you 
my sweet cakes. 
If I don't, I will frown every time. 
Your shape and your sways 
make me want to shake, 
and it makes me want to say, 
"you’re so fine." 

You know what word is missing 
from this rhyme? 
"Love" is what I'm talking about 
this time.

This poem is from a poetry book called "Hello Mr. Satan, You're an Idiot" check out at: Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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