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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Is it dunch or linner?

Photo by Tim Lucas from Wikimedia Commons
What do you think? Is it dunch or linner? You know, the meal in between lunch and dinner? I mean there is a brunch, which is the meal between breakfast and lunch. 

So, dunch or linner? Many say that it should be linner because the way brunch is structured. B and R in brunch are the B and R for breakfast, since it’s the first meal of the day, and the rest is u-n-c-h taken from the last four letters of the word lunch; thus, we get the word brunch. 

The same structure would apply to the meal between lunch and dinner. L would be taken from lunch, since it’s before dinner, and the rest is i-n-n-e-r taken from the word dinner. However, the word brunch takes the first two letters from the first meal of the day. So, would linner instead be luinner. I mean, what the heck! 

I guess it doesn't really matter, but dunch just sounds so cool and goofy! I would have to vote for dunch over linner or even luinner. It just sounds better: “I’m hungry, let’s go get some dunch!” 

What would you call it? Dunch or linner? We can agree that we are willing to throw away the idea of calling it luinner. Seriously!

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