Monday, February 13, 2017

Lola's Advice

Photo by Kaboompics from Pexels
She had to go to a psychic 
to check on me 
to go see if her misery is an illusion 
or hear the bad man that I am 

She had to go to a psychic 
to prove something right 
so she can feel alright 
with her anguish real high 

She had to go tonight 
to spit on my hide 
to go step on my merriness 
illusions and insecurity 

She had to prove me wrong 
so she can sing a sad song 
while her anger 
is like a dull sharp spoon 

Lola said, “No” 
he’s just a Joe 
with a peculiar brow 
he’s a cloud not a doubt 

He is an intoxicated liberty

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