Monday, February 27, 2017


Photo by stux from Pixabay
I’m walking down the street 
Where the sun is merely free 
And muddy puddles always 
Spraying me 
And the shops, 
their windows have my dreams 
But my feet just keep walking 
Because, of course, I need some money 
And some old dude looked at me 
And did not like what he had seen 
But he did not look away 
My dignity intact 
Because I wore those shirts, those pants 
Those ties and who cares 
If my shoes are not your type 
My shoes are not your type? 

I’m driving down the street 
And I see a woman merely free 
She makes me want it all 
And I ask her what she needs 
She says, “Oh, baby please” 
Like I did not have quality 
But her legs, her walk and her talk 
Just makes me want to bark 
But the money is all she really needs 
But I wore those shirts those fake smiles 
Still they make me feel like I’m not worth the while 
I’m not worth the while?


  1. Can't find the right word but here you are speaking truth. Thanks