Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Photo wemer22brigette from Pixabay

Look at that Pinto
Old paint, new wheels, stopping
and going
Going where?
Look at that Mercedes bitch
What a snob that lady
She likes that
She digs the attention in a place
where there's absence
Your mind, right?
It's absent
In the rearview mirror
way back
A girl is looking
Looking good and naked
Wow, what a slutty make up job!
What a sleaze!
I’ll slow down in this locomotive disaster
I want to see her sunflower rapture lush
Oh, my hot rod!
What a rush!
And damn the freeway
can't slow down
can't speed
can't dream
can't cheat
This finger flicking, smog inhalant,
lung butter hocking, screaming
mental institution
Only if Freud was here
That rat bastard killer machine
That monkey torturing loving freak
He would love the freeway
And what does he know about the psyche
We know
The freeway dwellers
Let's play God
let's battle
let's go to work
So we can make money to burn and pollute.
And shit
What a sunset!
A gold-brown synthetic sunset!
How beautiful!
How shameful!
Where are the mountains?
I can't see through the rusty sky
Where the gorillas go?
Look there hanging from the concrete jungle
Bleeding and dying those brutes
Why is that girl smiling?
Does she know about the Pinto's breath?
The poor lifeless green
What a mess
My isolation a distress
That mustang and that cougar
They're not the real offspring of nature
Just like the eclipse and the nova
Metaphor blunts
Let's shake it
rattle it
and roll it
You know God tried.
Damn the freeway!

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Friday, March 24, 2017

5 Minute Love

Photo by geralt from Pixabay

A prosaic stripper sits next to me
(Raven is her name, at least in this game)
She says, “How would you like my dance honey?”
“Lustful and dirty,” I said with no shame.

Ten dollars I gave, her loving just raged,
her body a lust, my mind to be lost.
Pretending is the truth, the world a stage;
We destined to act, the soul is the cost.

It’s all right I say; we all have a mask
—at work, home, and in public we deceive;
And plastic smiles with hollow words we cast
To conform each other with wicked glee.

And before she flees like a sincere dove,
Our plastic smiles end our 5 minute love.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Is God Narcissistic?

Photo by jill, jellidonut... whatever from Flickr
What if God was a narcissistic son of a bitch? Seriously, the everyday world and how it functions with people looking up to him is only obvious that God is truly narcissistic.
Let me just tell you how this idea came knocking into my inquiring mind. One day, I was on Facebook and saw a friend’s post about a cousin of hers who was involved in an accident. God bless her cousin!
Anyway, the cousin, according to the post, was in critical condition and was asking for prayers. Of course, everyone who had a good heart, including me, sent her a response stating that we put our two-cents into prayer worthiness.
My friend’s mission on Facebook, I guess, was to get everyone to pray and build this super-power, global accumulation of prayers to save her cousin. Not a bad idea!
Then, this idea popped into my head. Why do we pray for God to heal us when he or she put us on the hurt table in first place? Is this what God does? He or she purposely hurts you in order for you to start praying!?
Does that sound right? I can bring up this whole “divine plan” on how God designed it for all of us, to test us, etc. So, if a person is involved in an accident, it is safe to say that God meant that to happen—everything has a purpose right?
So, the more pain around the world, the more praying is involved. Imagine a world without pain. There would be no praying involved or necessary. That is why God needs pain in his universe for us to pray to him.
To make this point clear, that jerk smites and spreads evilness across this planet and our hearts so we can pray to him, her, or it for the attention. He or she loves the attention, so he almost forcefully demands through prayer. Is he or she that selfish?
If this doesn’t point out egocentrism in which God is totally saturated with his or her own power and vanity, I don’t know what else to say!
I know! Some will say that pain and suffering comes from the Devil! Well, Devil or not, God still lets that other egotistical asshole roam around causing problems, if the Devil’s agenda really existed. In the end, we still end up praying to God!
Anyway, please don’t be offended by my inquiring mind that is always looking for the answers. Sometimes, my mind searches too hard. I just like to stir up the water every once in awhile!
No big deal! We are all adults! We can handle it, right? If not, just pray to God!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nature the Cleanser

Nature is to be admired who makes a shrine out of this here asylum
Photo by Bazooka Teaches

Note: This is the shortest poem I’ve written so far in my career of creative writing. I wrote the poem when I used to go camping at the Kern River in California, by Lake Isabella. That was way back in the 1990s. Whenever I camped at the Kern, I felt like all of my problems went away. It was so therapeutic for me! I recently went back and it felt the same!
Anyway, the pic is from my trip to Zion Park in Utah back in 2008. Also, thanks for taking your time in reading this short poem, and I hope you enjoyed it. At least, I hope you enjoyed my picture! Oh yeah, if you like this poem, check it out my collection called Hello Mr. Satan, You're an Idiot! available in through Amazon.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Radical Thoughts

Photo from Pexels

In a crowd full of faces
where the sidewalk is falling apart
and the streets congested with dragsters

Nuns pray, priests portray maladjusted love,
and the citizen dick works his ass off to pay bills
while climbing hills

The crosshairs sit upon many of these faces
that dream to shine in the sky
but fated to burn in Hell

Note: I hope you enjoyed this poem that I wrote a long time ago while quite angry, Anyway...

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Utopian Abstract Love

Photo from Pexels
They say don't forget your jewels
when they take me;
And she with a withered look,
smiles but a tear flows.

They say not to look at the reflection of love
when you leave;
And he smiles away with a dirty photograph
in his pocket that smells.

She knows what they say; but still,
in profound anguish she welcomes the milkman.
They say don't forget your jewels
when they take me enclosed in that utopian photograph.
Written in early 2000s.
Note: Thanks for reading my poem and I hope you liked it. If you did, feel free to check out my profile for more readings. You can also check out my book Hello Mr. Satan, You're an Idiot! as well.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Thank You

Photo by Lalesh Aldarwish from Pexels
Oh, how I wish to write you a song or a poem,
But I really don’t know how.
Your smile fills my mind when you are away,
But that makes me want you now.
Your hair, your eyes, I want to be yours and yours mine,
But I really don’t know why.
You know, I was once lost by a tall precipice,
And that made my possible fall more vulnerable.

I’d never thought I’d be found
My ride took a wrong turn.
I’d never thought I’d be around
Because, that God, I never really listened to him.

Oh, how I wish to write you a poem to thank you
For making me stay and sing this song.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Squelching the Truth

Photo by OpenClipArt from Pixabay

“I’m the freedom of this wretched tomb,”
Said the fierce gunslinger that slaughtered authorities
“I’m the Beatniks, the Milton, the Shelley, the nutcracker little monkey”

The boy smiled at the gunslinger’s remarks
And told him, “I’m the future FBI, that’s why I’m here”
The boy’s crazy-Stephen-King-creepy smile continued
“I’m here to spoil your fun,” said the foul boy

The gunslinger stared

“I’m malice, and you have a truth that I must bring to demise”
Continued the cranky boy

They both drew their guns
The boy shoots the man square in the face

Note: Wrote this in early 2000s. I really do not remember what made me write this poem! Just enjoy it at least!