Monday, May 15, 2017

A Gap

Photo by George Hodan from PublicDomainpPictures

He stands outside and
the windows hide all the lies
He starts the car and
the dark clouds start to cry
I think that’s real love
He's gotten really far

Goes to the liquor store
where bottles conceal the truth
The calendar is what
he usually likes to buy,
and he takes a chug
That's why he's in a fog

The man in black
tells him that he's fighting
The flowers of
the garden are all dying
I think that's real love,
but he's kind of gone

She's a teen and I know why he's lying
She's like a queen and I know why he's crawling
It's never too far,
and I think that's real love

He drove his car
over to her apartment
He reaped his shame
and she let him wear the crown

I think it's near dawn,
and she licked on his frown
He went outside
when the clouds where all cluttered

A window now between the two
He laughed and then he left her
I think that's real love
He's gotten too far

1 comment:

  1. Fascinating tale as the window becomes more real