Friday, June 23, 2017

Spotting a Fraud

Photo by Max Pixel
In a room full of people,
faces gleam the ideal calamity;
And across the way,
an appealing woman nods at
the alcohol that makes me a sleaze.

In a view full of money,
hands urge on the gaudy unity;
And behind my back,
stands the artisan that deceives
and likes to lie in infinity.

In a concept of my mind,
a boggling thought of a marriage between Heaven and Hell;
And under the bar,
the worm smells the witch's crimson spells.

In a room full of people,
faces are dim but hers makes the crude mind dwell;
And across the way,
she nods while I am a fabled victim.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Phonetic Rage

Photo by BreakingTheWalls from Pixabay

A silent desperation
in an endless flight
and all the fumes blaze
in my head
upon infinite melancholy
intertwined with bliss.
Political intervention
upon my home land
and all the roots engraved
in my head
with forlorn-enveloped thoughts
with no flux.
A wilted skin on this rock I’ll be
defying the vigorous prophecy
that our pugnacious predecessors
It’s a dope-death-defying-rattle-your-ass show
and all our leaders will mummify
those dirty philanderers-rippers
with fake morals.
Like Lucifer and Gabriel
I will serve my role
even if there is no murder or love
or no ken.
Kinetic energy I’ll be
and loving rage phonetics I’ll sing
upon the delusions of grandeur
until my breathless unknown days.