Monday, July 31, 2017

Could Time Travel Could Prove That Life is Predestine?

Photo by Kristof Wesely from Wikimedia Commons

Do you believe in time travel? Is it really possible that it can be done! I watch all these crazy time traveling documentaries on the Discovery Channel and History Channel, and they always drive me nuts, because of my intuitive and inquiring brain. I know that time travel has been a dream for mankind, and it is a fascinating subject to talk about. It’s crazy, and I love it! Imagine if it was true!
Here’s my thought on it. Traveling into the future would be more difficult than traveling to the past. Here’s why. Traveling to the past is going to a place that’s already happened, like going back into the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs. If they were real, which evidence shows that they pretty much were, going back to visit them would be possible if time travel was real. This would apply to any historic event that we already know of such as World War II, the Roman Empire, the landing of the Moon, Vietnam War, the assassination of JFK, the crucifixion of Jesus—wait is that for real?—anyway, you get the picture. If you could travel back, you could go even see yourself graduate from high school. Wow! That is just mind boggling, right?
Now, going to the future is another whole game. If you travel to the future, which future would you go into? Would you go to the future where you graduate from college or the future where you got caught smoking too much pot in college and got kicked out? You get my drift? In other words, the future hasn’t happened. We all have decisions to make in our lives, right? At least, I hope so. So, if time travel only goes to one future that we all belong to, then our lives is pretty much meaningless.
I hope you understand what I am saying. If a time machine took me to the future, and I saw myself there, successful or not, I would have to imagine that my choices that I made all of my life, have been already decided since there is only one future to go to. So, if that is true, then our lives are already written out for us. That means, whether you are evil or a complete saint, you were meant to be that way. Additionally, since you can't make up your own decisions, then your life is worthless. There is no freedom. Freedom would just be an illusion!
Now, this thought takes me to other subjects to argue about. For instance, time could be compared to the "Divine Plan" that is mentioned in the Bible. If both of these ideas were true, then time travel could be possible. The reason is because time has already been written or laid out. So, time traveling into the future would be possible like flipping through the pages of a book. Again, your life would be decided for you and your freedom taken.
On the other hand, if our choices really mattered and weren’t already planned out, time travel cannot be possible. The reason I say this is because the future is made up of different dimensions or possibilities; we are constantly creating different universes at all times every time we make a choice. So, if you were to time travel into the future under this rule, you could be jumping dimensions or going into different futures. Then, when trying to return, you would get lost into the different pasts that those various futures hold. Wait, what is going on?
Anyway, imagine every time you have a choice, you are creating a different future. What about the rest of the billions of souls that live on this planet. They are creating different futures as well when they come across a decision. That means there is an ineffable number, for now, that is constantly changing as far as dimensions that exist in the universe. Again, what is going on?
Maybe I’m just blabbing. Maybe I could be saying the ultimate truth ever! Maybe I’m full of shit, but you have to admit that it is a pretty inquiring thought. So, do you believe in time travel? What do you think? I really want to know!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

If I Were Judas

Photo by Wikimedia Commons
I feel bad for Judas. Yeah, the guy messed up pretty big. No matter what, you never double cross your friends, especially if your friend is the son of God.
Anyway, he decided to sell out Jesus for his own good. He took it upon himself to sell out his friend, his leader, the son of God. Judas will forever be the backstabber, double-crosser, etc. for what he did to Jesus.
Now, why did God punish him? Should have Judas been punished? Why didn’t God have any mercy on Judas? After all, isn’t God the master planner of the Universe? He knows the past, the present, and the future, right? That means that God had to know that Judas was going to betray Jesus.
If that’s the case, why didn’t God have mercy on him? If it wasn’t for Judas, God’s master plan to sacrifice his own child for our sins would have never happened! Would that mean that Judas was just a chess piece?
If it wasn’t for Judas's selfish acts, Jesus would have never been sacrificed, right? Oh yeah, I know, God would have found another way, right? Well, God did not find another way. Judas was picked to back-stab Jesus in order for the son of God to be crucified, and God’s agenda would carry on for whatever purpose. Is Judas a victim within the divine plan like all other huge sinners that are not forgiven by God?
After the fact, Judas hung himself for his great sin for betraying the son of God. Is that not enough punishment for Judas? God was going to sacrifice his son anyway, so why condemn a soul, Judas, to Hell for something that was already planned (the divine plan remember).
I agree that Judas committed something terrible. The principle behind his sin was just wrong, but to condemn him the way God did is too much. After all, Judas just fulfilled a part in the divine plan that God has for us, right?
This is just a though that crosses my head every time the divine plan is brought up and how God knows all. I don’t believe in it, really. I believe we control our lives, to a certain extent of course. Sometimes, outside forces are too much for us to control, but that is another tangent to argue about.
You see, when people throw the divine plan at me, I always try to find ways to prove that it is faulty. Why would God have acts of evil in his divine plan, and then punish those who act evil within it? After all, that evil that exist in the divine plan is already planned by God! Or is it not?
I think that God in his divine plan, regarding Judas, proves that God is cruel. Not only did he sacrifice his own son for our sins, but he sacrificed a soul to Hell just for his own plans.
I could go on forever with this, and I know people out there have answers for this dilemma that I have regarding the divine plan. In the end, I just want to express myself, and, if I offend anyone, remember, it's God's divine plan in which I was meant to offend people who are reading this.
One last note, if I were Judas, I would become the greatest general that Hell would ever have for being betrayed by God, because, according to this divine plan thing, Judas was just following his orders, God's orders.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Own Agenda

Photo by Kim Treynor from Wikimedia Commons
You know, a lot of people have told me to believe in this or believe in that. I never tell those people to believe in what I believe in.
Once they see that I don’t believe in their beliefs or that I’m not buying into what they want me to believe in, they start to tell me that I’m lost.
I’ve heard that before. If a person has no beliefs, then that person has no guidance or that their life has no meaning. Very agreeable, but I have a belief!
People are always trying to teach each other what they believe in, and, in my opinion, this type of approach has caused a lot of wars in this beautiful world. A lot of those ancient beliefs have turned people into monsters and killers. I’m sure who ever is reading this is agreeing with me right now.
Some of these people have the audacity to tell me that my soul will rot if I don’t buy into their plan of what is the afterlife. Some tell me that I’m going to suffer for not believing in something.
I do believe in something and it’s mine. I live in this world with mutual respect. I believe in goodness, love can prevail anything, and that the mind is the most miraculous thing that has ever existed in this universe. I don’t preach it, but I do condone it when others show me that same respect.
If I don’t agree with these divine plans that people have, why would it or they want to cause any harm to me—physically or spiritually? I don’t condemn anyone if they don’t agree with me. I just think they are walking in a different road than me.
Don’t get me wrong, I would truly die for what I believe in, but I would never kill anyone who makes fun of my beliefs or even not agree with my beliefs.
Why is it that people are smart and people are stupid? Why is it that millions of people are dying for beliefs that represent love? Why is it that many are so easily brainwashed to hate?
Anyway, I laugh at my days every day, because I cherish every minute of my agenda. I hope people can respect that!

The Bedroom Generation

I love this meme! It is so on! Do kids really worship laziness? I mean, that is all they do nowadays. They just come home and stay in their rooms. Cellphones, Netflix, and video game consoles have ruined an entire generation. Seriously!

A lot of kids think that being book smart is enough to get by in life. This new generation is not building up intuition. Most kids nowadays want to be rich and they think the only solution is to go to an expensive college and get a degree. NO!!!!

That is not the only way. Yes, it is huge to be book smart, if you have the gift, and get a degree from a nice college. In fact, any college. Still, intuition or life experience is very vital to the soul and survival of any person. Like getting a job at a young age is totally helpful later in life. It builds character and experience with working with people. It helps dealing with different personalities. Also, it provides development of skills.

Kids nowadays don't want to deal with drama, as they say. However, dealing with drama is what makes a person stronger in the working force. This new generation of kids are gonna be a bunch of emotional time bombs when they grow up!! It's crazy!!

So, like Will Ferrell says: Go OUTSIDE!!!!!!! That way, experience will be developed. The world is full of info that can be sucked in with the soul. Instead, these bedroom dwellers rather stare at screens and entertain their minds while their bodies wither away.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Liberty Mutual Commercial Makes New Generation of Boys Look Like Morons

When watching this commercial in which a mother talks about having insurance with roadside assistance and using it to help out her teenage son, I realized that this commercial is adapting to the new generation of men. Pretty much a bunch of morons. Really! If a teen is going to drive, he or she better know how to change a spare tire. Even if it was not taught to them, they should be smart enough to figure it out. I say this because modern kids have smart phones, and YouTube and Google will have enough info and videos to teach a person on changing a spare tire instantaneously!

When I was a teen, late 1980s, kids that drove knew how to change tires. There were some exceptions in which the kid had a disability or what not. Anyway, we handled business right off the bat. If all else failed, we walked home to get reprimanded by our parents on not being able to handle a situation.

See, this Liberty Mutual Insurance commercial has a mother talking about how glad she is to have the service because it helped her son get out of a simple situation. See, the son got a flat tire and roadside assistance came to the rescue. All for a flat tire! Wow!

Sorry, but this commercial is pretty much showing how teens nowadays are pretty much useless. If that kid is driving and doesn't know how to change a flat, he's a fool! I know this is pretty accurate because I taught high school for over a decade and coached youth soccer. Kids, to me, seem to be losing their abilities to survive more and more.

I blame this on parents who give their kids everything and do not teach them how to handle situations. Stop bailing your children out of every situation, especially simple ones like changing a spare tire. See, spare tires are simple, they are just a bit harsh on the physical side. If they can't handle that, then they are, again, morons!!

So kids, please, stop depriving yourselves from developing survival skills! Get off your damn phones and go do something. Also, make a little effort into solving situations, instead of depending on your parents all the time. Trust! It will make you stronger mentally and physically!