Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Own Agenda

Photo by Kim Treynor from Wikimedia Commons
You know, a lot of people have told me to believe in this or believe in that. I never tell those people to believe in what I believe in.
Once they see that I don’t believe in their beliefs or that I’m not buying into what they want me to believe in, they start to tell me that I’m lost.
I’ve heard that before. If a person has no beliefs, then that person has no guidance or that their life has no meaning. Very agreeable, but I have a belief!
People are always trying to teach each other what they believe in, and, in my opinion, this type of approach has caused a lot of wars in this beautiful world. A lot of those ancient beliefs have turned people into monsters and killers. I’m sure who ever is reading this is agreeing with me right now.
Some of these people have the audacity to tell me that my soul will rot if I don’t buy into their plan of what is the afterlife. Some tell me that I’m going to suffer for not believing in something.
I do believe in something and it’s mine. I live in this world with mutual respect. I believe in goodness, love can prevail anything, and that the mind is the most miraculous thing that has ever existed in this universe. I don’t preach it, but I do condone it when others show me that same respect.
If I don’t agree with these divine plans that people have, why would it or they want to cause any harm to me—physically or spiritually? I don’t condemn anyone if they don’t agree with me. I just think they are walking in a different road than me.
Don’t get me wrong, I would truly die for what I believe in, but I would never kill anyone who makes fun of my beliefs or even not agree with my beliefs.
Why is it that people are smart and people are stupid? Why is it that millions of people are dying for beliefs that represent love? Why is it that many are so easily brainwashed to hate?
Anyway, I laugh at my days every day, because I cherish every minute of my agenda. I hope people can respect that!

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