Monday, August 7, 2017

Don't Feel Bad, Put Your Lazy Ass Kid to Work!

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Modern parents are making a huge mistake by giving kids everything. I know some parents that are even scared to give their kids chores. Parents should never feel bad in giving kid chores. It teaches responsibility and develops a sense of pride.

Parents that give kids everything and do not put them to work are the worst parents ever. Now, giving your kids everything or a lot of things that one did not have as a kid is a great thing. However, kids need to learn that those things are deserved.

Again, some parents think they are the best parents in the world because they give their kids everything without any repercussions. Also, laziness must not be tolerated at any level. I am not saying to never let your kids rest! What I am saying to have chores for them. When they accomplish those things weekly or daily, they see why they have a cell phone, laptops, and awesome cable at home.

They see why parents will help them with their first car or help them with college. Take note that if you don't have money for your kids to go to college, do not be ashamed. Kids grow into adults and should be able to take care of themselves when the fly the nest. This would include paying for their own college through loans and grants. Heck, they can even get damn job, like I did!!

Anyway, stop doing everything for your kids! Let them handle their problems. Give them chores. Your kids are not royalty. If you raise them that way, they will be inept at just about everything. Do not teach them to spend money to have everything done for them. They need to learn basic skills to survive.

Book smarts only helps with titles and certificates. Intuition needs to be developed in other to progress in life. Also, don't spend a lot of money on sports or activities. Otherwise, they won't see that as a social event. Kick them out of the goddamn house for a change!! If they choose to stay indoor all day, give them chores. Keep them active!!!!!!

Shit, back in the days, people had kids to help in the farm, or help out the family. What the fuck happened!

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