Friday, August 11, 2017

Parents Should Not Feel Bad If They Can't Put Their Kids Through College

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If you can’t put your kids through college, do not feel bad. Really! It’s a tough world and putting a child through college is a hard thing to do.
First of all, a parent should only be in charge to make sure their kids know about being healthy, having a roof, having food, having clothes, and, most of all, survival. Yes, parents should provide, but provide knowledge and experience as well.
If parents buy everything for their children, those children will have problems surviving later in life. Let your children work for their success.
Some parents feel bad because they can’t provide for their kid’s college. Guess what? There is no rule written anywhere that parents should put their kids through college, even if the parents had the money to do it.
If your kid wants to go to college, let them! If you want to help them, it’s all good! On the contrary, if you can’t help your kid with college, do not feel bad. If they cry about it, then you did something wrong as a parent.
Kids should be ready to take on the world themselves. That is the most important role of a parent––to get their kids ready for the world on their own. Kids that depend on their parents have obviously never been trained to take on the world. Oh yeah, it’s OK to help out your kids every once in a while, but know when its good to do it and when not to.
Too many kids nowadays are depending on their parents to put them through college. Guess what? Your parents worked their asses off all their lives to provide for their kids and to show their kids how to get by. That should be enough!

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